M. Sicurezza Assistance 24/7

Fast problem solving

We strive to feel you safe and supported. We constantly monitor your system connected to our servers, giving you support even by phone with a friendly and professional service.

M. Security Assistance 24/7 means that we are always available and we offer same-day or next-day service. Statistically we solve the problems within 24 hours.

M. Security Assistance 24/7 means assure your home and your business best security and less worry.

With M. Security Assistance 24/7 are satisfied more than 3000 families and companies


Fast response

Fast and professional service


Trained and experienced engeneers


Phone support and help


Preventive inspection

Save Money

Special discounts

Fixed Prices

Interventions at no extra charge

Why become a Member?

Customers who have already ordered our regular annual services for its security system or extraordinary interventions have the following advantages:

  • Extremely fast, up-to-date and professional assistance in case of unexpected problems or system failures.

  • Phone support, which means that the technician on duty will supply help by phone to correct or resolve the error.

  • Always the same price even it is a business day or weekend.

How to become a Member?

Ordering a regular annual service, you'll receive the subscription to M. Sicurezza Assistance 24/7, which is also the only condition for joining the registration.

Contact us by phone or compile the module.

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